Rappin’ Hood – Sujeito Homen 2

Funky, conscious and packed to the gills with great samples and famous guests this will be huge in the Lusitanic world — but will it make an impact outside? Who cares, you heard it here and all your friends will be profoundly impressed when they hear your copy booming back at them


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Celia Mara – Bastardista

Fresh, punky, eclectic and sensual: C?©lia Mara’s new album has already stormed the World Music Charts Europe. C?©lia plunders musical forms from far and wide providing a refreshing antidote to the Bebel Gilberto release we are usually treated to at this time of year.

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Ska Cubano – ¡Ay Caramba!

Their first album was a joyously fresh combination of elements that could get the dancefloor heaving at a moment’s notice. Ska, a form of dance hardwired into even the most stiff British legs met son (the form of dancing you most want to move along to — but without Ska Cubano’s help could not hitherto). […]

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