Seu Jorge – Cru

He’s a hell of a favela fella, this Seu Jorge. As founder of Farofa Carioca, he has been active musically for over a decade but it’s acting that has made him a household name through his classic role as Knockout Ned in Cidade de Deus (City of God) and now as the guy who does […]

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DJ Dolores – Aparelhagem

DJ Dolores, aka Helder Aragão, is like a one-man tropicalismo movement for the 21st century. Ska, drum and bass, traditional emboladas, brega, klezmer and a large dollop of hip hop sensibility are just a few of the pots that DJ Dolores rifles through for his unique sound.

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Joe Bataan – Call My Name

Latin Soul Brother Number One is back after a break of 20 years with a new album. The songs were all written and arranged by Daniel Collas but the vocals are unmistakably Joe Bataan and it’s great to hear him again as if the last two (actually make that three) decades had never happened.

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Gilles Peterson in Africa

Gilles Peterson in Brazil was a huge success so it comes as no surprise that Ether Records are repeating the formula for an African outing. Gilles is not only a world class authority on Brazilian music, he has created an entire mini industry around him devoted to diggin’ in the crates from São Paulo to […]

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V/A – World Groove

Putumayo’s World Groove is a 2-CD compilation of music from around the world and features twenty tracks with a very wide range of styles. It’s erratic in some places, excellent in others, but fans of electronica and the eclectic will certainly find plenty to enjoy here.

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Susana Baca – Susana Baca

Just over a decade ago, Luaka Bop put out a compilation of Afro-Peruvian songs and in that dark and wonderful firmament, Susana Baca’s star shone so strongly that two years later she was in the studio recording her first CD for the international market. An instant classic, Susana Baca’s eponymous debut assured her place in […]

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