Celia Mara – Bastardista

Fresh, punky, eclectic and sensual: C?©lia Mara’s new album has already stormed the World Music Charts Europe. C?©lia plunders musical forms from far and wide providing a refreshing antidote to the Bebel Gilberto release we are usually treated to at this time of year.

Recalling Manu Chao, she plays the multi-language trick to good effect with Portuguese, French, German and deliciously accented English as on stand-out-single-potential-track, ‘We’re Not Alone’. This impassioned plea for familial understanding of a lesbian love will have everyone singing along in no time, truly transgressive.
Effortlessly grabbing a bit of tango, MPB or rock as she sees fit, C?©lia Mara celebrates the cultural space that is the Brazilian diaspora. This ephemeral world belongs to her and all those who prefer the ‘in-between’ world to the ‘back-there’ world.
Bastardista is eclectic, ecentric and electric. Her lyrics though are thoughtful and come with a manifesto for social and cultural change. A plea for passion, respect, equality and err flower power.
Definitely not one for the purists, this album will have you bouncing around in no time. Enjoy it like a warm kiss on a cool evening.
Visit www.celia-mara.net, where you can get free MP3 downloads, buy tracks and the CD.


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