V/A – Gypsy Groove

Every now and then the thin membrane that separates popular from eclectic is pierced and all kinds of interesting things slip through before the membrane repairs itself. This compilation celebrates a series of popular mash ups of Gyspy, Balkan and pop sounds from Central and Eastern Europe (and New York)

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Amparanoia – La vida te da

Amparanoia release their fifth album to an international audience switched on to all things Spanish and a growing fan base off the back of their last album and tour. Their sound is more rocking guitars with Iberian flavours than the more mashed up Ojos de Brujo sound and features a knack for creating hooks.

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Ska Cubano – ¡Ay Caramba!

Their first album was a joyously fresh combination of elements that could get the dancefloor heaving at a moment’s notice. Ska, a form of dance hardwired into even the most stiff British legs met son (the form of dancing you most want to move along to — but without Ska Cubano’s help could not hitherto). […]

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