Vanessa da Mata – Sim

If you want to be one of those impossibly smug folk who have tired of new discoveries before the rest of the world has even heard of them, this is the album for you. Vanessa da Mata is going to hit in a big way: think Bebel Gilberto with bass and attitude

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Zuco 103 – Whaa!

This is the sound of chaotic resistance to the bland world order of Coldplay and Coca-Cola. Whaa! is a subversive potion of dub featuring the Upsetter himself, Brazilian grooves, African borrowings and funky electronica

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V/A – Life Before 40

Low Life Records have been one of the UK’s most consistent purveyors of assured hip hop for well over a decade. This essential compilation of tracks that slipped between the cracks packs 13 urban tales set to the finest of beats and then unpacks the tracks in a bonus mix CD by Kam just for […]

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