Vanessa da Mata – Sim

If you want to be one of those impossibly smug folk who have tired of new discoveries before the rest of the world has even heard of them, this is the album for you. Vanessa da Mata is going to hit in a big way: think Bebel Gilberto with bass and attitude

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DJ Dolores – Aparelhagem

DJ Dolores, aka Helder Aragão, is like a one-man tropicalismo movement for the 21st century. Ska, drum and bass, traditional emboladas, brega, klezmer and a large dollop of hip hop sensibility are just a few of the pots that DJ Dolores rifles through for his unique sound.

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Gilles Peterson in Africa

Gilles Peterson in Brazil was a huge success so it comes as no surprise that Ether Records are repeating the formula for an African outing. Gilles is not only a world class authority on Brazilian music, he has created an entire mini industry around him devoted to diggin’ in the crates from São Paulo to […]

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