Susana Baca – Travesias

Susana Baca came to international prominence doing her own thing and in so doing became synonymous with the Afro-Peruvian sound that is now recognised the world over. Travesias sees her gently exploring other directions in music and indulging herself with some inspired collaborations

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Zuco 103 – Whaa!

This is the sound of chaotic resistance to the bland world order of Coldplay and Coca-Cola. Whaa! is a subversive potion of dub featuring the Upsetter himself, Brazilian grooves, African borrowings and funky electronica

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Celia Mara – Bastardista

Fresh, punky, eclectic and sensual: C?©lia Mara’s new album has already stormed the World Music Charts Europe. C?©lia plunders musical forms from far and wide providing a refreshing antidote to the Bebel Gilberto release we are usually treated to at this time of year.

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