Fat Freddy’s Drop – The Troxy, London (Live Review)

Kiwi dubsters pack ’em in at Limehouse’s The Troxy

With queues round the block, the antipodean dub massive may or may not be many but they are clearly ready to go way out east and represent.
Thumping hard bass, horn’s a plenty and the soul vocals with reboomboom that are their trademark sound are not what this is all about. It is a tribal dance, a whirling dervish trance – ecstasy in the old meaning – that offers the believers everything and the bystander nothing at all.
Fortunately it is very easy to believe, the bass helps and the trombonist who looks like David Brent (having gone away and learned to dance like a maniac) quickly disarms you and then shows he has a fine pair of musical chops when the time comes. I mean on paper who would believe that a bunch of Kiwis, some of whom are far from svelte, would be global pop stars with a mix of dub and soul?
Do it for the god of music.


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