Romano Bumburumbum – Book Review

We love culture from marginalised communities around the world, but what of our own? 100 metres from where I write this, Roma live in a crook of a flyover, their children had never known asthma until they were moved there. Some of their fellow children have been involved in writing a book for other children to enjoy

Romano Bumburumbum is a classic bogeyman tale where the dad gets to be the hero. This little book aimed at very small children (who will love the scary monster and the happy ending), has a big job to do. It is also a way of introducing Roma culture and language to the wider community and more importantly it is a way of saying that the things that are special about Roma (culture, language and family) are just different spins on the things that are universal.
The book is illustrated with pinhole photographs, which acheive an effect that is so cool, I expect to see it as the next big thing in fashion photography.
A lovely little project. Not sure how you can get a copy but follow it up at:
Children Society

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