Levitts – We Are The Levitts

Another little gem from ESP Disk. The Levitts are in fact a musical family about whom not a great deal has been written it would seem. Perhaps their habit of jumping from one genre to another was too much for audiences to build loyalty at the end of the sixties

Joined by a young Chick Corea on keys and Pete Yellin on alto sax, there are some pretty serious jazz work outs like ‘Notes So High’, aching ballads like ‘Then Was Then’ or ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most’ and jaunty bossa tunes like ‘Springtime’ and ‘O amor en paz’.
Other tracks are more reminiscent of the Mamas and Papas, the highly hippy ‘The Saints of My City are Children’ and ‘Fun City’: love-ins, be-ins, smoke-ins and joke-ins. Groovy. And if you can imagine the Mamas and Papas getting their kids to sing a tune for fun, well that would be ‘Once I Had a Little Duck’. This is about as 1968 as you could be.
Vinyl copies of this trade for around $100 so snap yours up on CD.

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