Freshly Ground – Ma’cheri

How this slice of pure, good vibes ever slipped through our net, I do not know but the only rainbow band from the rainbow nation of South Africa set their sites on global domination with a slick, punchy and soulful album

In the week that scientists declared love handles to be a powerful indicator of early mortality, it is hugely uplifting to hear Zo Mohola sing ‘Fat thighs, flabby arms, a pot belly still gives good loving’. What could have been a saccharine love song is saved by gentle humour and a snappy yabba-dabba-doo-yah scattiness. Summer loving in the winter time indeed.
In fact their witty, well-crafted tunes are reminiscent of no one as much as their label mates Pink Martini, but with splashes of township and a softer, breathier and sultrier lead vocal. The album also has a pleasing range of different paces from the upbeat opener Ma’cheri to the downbeat and folky ‘Crimson Smile’.
Well worth picking up.

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