Chris Bowden’s The Tomorrow Band – 2 To Get Set

Jazz Ninja Chris Bowden delivers a sinuous and enjoyable album of familiar tunes in original treatments

We loved the last album, the first in a trilogy of releases that will conclude with an album of original compositions. But right now, the man who has been a fixture on the new jazz scene so long we have all got a few grey hairs to show now, shares his interpretation of classic Miles’ track Freddie Freeloader’ taking a joyous but angular approach to this modal classic.
Stripped to the trio format, these tracks are a perfect vehicle for Bowden giving him space to stretch out and allowing Neil Bullock on drums and Ben Markland on bass to shine.
I was fortunate enough to see this hard-gigging trio live at my favourite jazz venue (the Vortex in Dalston), where many of these songs were performed. On stage Bowden is a nervous bag of energy until he plays and then suddenly he is all there and connected. That fidgetiness he has live is toned down in the studio setting and the tracks are all the better for their more relaxed treatment.
These seven tracks are fresh, thought out and occasionally jaunty without being revolutionary or awkward.

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