Trickbaby – Chor Bazaar

Evolving from the more gentle pop of the first album, the new Trickbaby is signed to canny label Wrasse (home of Rachid Taha) and features a harder version of the catchy Asian fusion we loved the first time round

This time the album is sure to get a lot more attention. The title track is an almost perfect marriage of desi beats and punky rock with Eugene Hutz as best man adding his unmistakable drawl to the proceedings. I’d love to hear this on mainstream radio.
The opener is the defiant ‘Fighter’, whose lyrics, like many on this album seem to express a yearning to escape the dull, binding ways of the material and romantic world. Popular themes for sure but what lifts Trickbaby from the crowd is the combination of lyrical sophistication, Asian beats and now a power sound that complements the softness of Saira Hussain’s voice.
You’ll be hearing a lot more of Trickbaby.

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