V/A – Live at Glastonbury’s Jazz World Stage

If you have ever been swept up in a chorus of drums, lost yourself swirling in a field or suddenly realised how much more interesting the world can be after hearing something alien, this is the compilation for you

Not content with cover mount CDs and podcasts, Songlines dips a toe in the compilation market with this enjoyable set of flashbacks to live performances from Glastonbury.
The edgier bands on the global scene are well represented of course. Poster boy for intelligent, global countercultural music Manu Chao gets the gig underway with his classic ‘Clandestino’. This version more relaxed even than the familiar album cut. Could he have accidentally imbibed some marijuana smoke blown across the stage?
Fellow travellers on the Barcelona scene Ojos de Brujo and Amparanoia submit one of their best songs each while from Latin America we get a track from Susana Baca and one from Los de Abajo.
Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Femi Kuti and Baaba Maal all make appearances to represent their continent.
And while you could argue that jazz is present in many of these songs, the only recognisable flyer of the jazz flag is Jamie Cullum. If jazz fans are being short-changed, global groove seekers will be puzzled. Best off to do the jazz well or not at all.
On the whole, the best known songs of these artists have been selected, which — as this is the only way you are likely to hear the recordings — makes sense even if sometimes the compilation calls out for a smidgeon more surprise.
The whole CD is exclusive to Fopp and a portion of the proceeds will go to charities including Greenpeace, Water Aid and Oxfam.

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