Pink Martini – Hey Eugene!

I never saw what the fuss was about with this band and when I put this album on the first song transported me to the seventies when there was nothing better on TV than reruns of old black and white films with over the top soundtracks and synchro-swimming…

The next track was more or the same but in Spanish, I mean who covers Carmen Miranda these days but maybe it was around that time, I certainly can’t be sure, so much is unsure now, but around this time I think I started to fall, or at least wobble a bit. Well, I don’t know but by the time the hugely sentimental La Lupe number came on, I may as well have been in an Almodovar movie camping it up in some tale of cross-dressing deception.
Add some Russian, Japanese, Italian, French and Arabic to the mix and you are in the very confused world of Pink Martini. And there is wit too. The title track turns a pretty unremarkable chatting up into what sounds like an epic love affair. Sung with an over the top quality that even Dolly Parton would hesitate to employ, it is high camp and highly enjoyable.
Get your prawn cocktail, beef Wellington and Black Forest gateau recipes off your mum, invite around only friends who possess smoking jackets or cocktail dresses (or better yet both), pop this little number on your hi-fi and serve with a chilled lambrusco.
Pink Martini — Hey Eugene! is out on Wrasse Records 14 May and the single of the same name is out 9 April.
21 March – Hammersmith Apollo – with BBC Concert Orchestra

One thought on “Pink Martini – Hey Eugene!

  1. I’ve never heard of Pink Martini until today, just heard ‘Hey Eugene’ for the second time on Radio 2 and I’m liking it, I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.
    Thanks and good review


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