Gecko Turner – Chandalismo Ilustrado

No doubt confused by being murdered by his conservative, cross-dressing father, it would appear that the spirit of Marvin Gaye is alive and well and living in the body of a reformed post punk artist from Spain

Chandalismo Ilustrado is the kind of funky, bluesy, freewheeling album that Moby would produce if he wasn’t a talentless tosser but instead an inspired and quite brilliant Iberian. Chug along, moanin’ blues dance music (with a whimba-wey twist at the end) your thing? Well, you’ll love ‘Sycamore Blues (Tristezas del Sicomoro)’
Got a yearnin’ for loapin’ hand-clappy funk in English and Spanish? ‘En la Calle, On the Street’ has what you need, brother. Taking that tip to the extreme and adding husky growling, tear-your-hair-out-in-unrequited-lust-inducing vocals from Eska completes the assembly kit for ‘Monosabia Blues’.
Or perhaps you want to do some heavy Latin shit with montuno thumpin’ numbers like ‘Toda Mojaita’ — guaranteed to have you singing along whatever your level of Spanish.
It may have taken three years for Gecko to produce the follow up to his debut album but for sheer invention and joy, you will be hard pressed to beat this varied and delightful number. Unreservedly recommended. Could be a winning stocking filler for the holiday season too.
Gecko Turner — Chandalismo Ilustrado is out 3 December 2006 on Love Monk

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