Nibs van der Spuy – Beautiful Feet

The singer songwriter boom continues in the UK but here at Fly, we like to look a little further a field sometimes. Nibs van der Spuy gently weaves his native Southern Africa into his guitar-led sound to create an album of disarming beauty

The borrowings outside of the folky singer songwriter sound are gently done and made his own, whether it’s the hint of a ska backbeat on the title track, the harmonic elements from Southern Africa throughout or the more unexpected tabla/sitar to be found on ‘Dreams of Believers’.
Nibs van der Spuy may be a new name to many outside of Africa but this is in fact his third album and shows the influence of time spent touring and recording with Mozambique’s Gito Baloi, who contributes a bonus track to the CD.
This is an album of gentle lyrical honesty, musical imagination tempered by restraint and powerful imagery. If singer songwriter is your thing, let your Beautiful Feet do the walking and enjoy something a little different.
Nibs van der Spuy — Beautiful Feet will be released 6 November on Sheer Sound (SSCD 506)
Track Listing:
1. Beautiful Feet
2. Thorn Tree
3. Anna Rosa
4. Lebombo Mountain Drive
5. Dreams Of Believers
6. Gito
7. Felix
8. Sad Melody
9. Hiding In The Sugar Cane
10. Its Been A Sad Day
11. Jukskei
12. Wind Of Goodbye
13. Road
14. Mountain Wind
15. Nao Faz Mal

One thought on “Nibs van der Spuy – Beautiful Feet

  1. Hi Roger
    I thought you might be interested in this. Beautiful Feet was released in the UK this week and has had three really good reviews – this is one of them. This is a new version of of the album, a bit different from the one you have… better in fact.
    See you soon


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