V/A – Sketch 02. Day (Eclectic Grooves Selected by Momo)

A collection of 15 tracks joined by some metaphysical quality beyond genre; music that escapes between the cracks; transgressive music made by chance in the borderlands between unlikely places

Signalling its intentions with ‘Transcend’ by the elusive warlord of these fabled lands King Britt, we travel through the Rolling Stones’ ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ delivered haltingly by Devo and then on to uplifting P-house from Plantlife, we Warp back a decade to ‘Multiply’ with Jamie Lidell funk blues and then some wit and sex appeal from Franzisca on ‘K.T.B. (Original)’ by Robag Wruhme.
As good as these tracks are and they are very good indeed, the show is stolen a thousand times over by Alice Russell on the sublime ‘Hurry On Now’ — a mournful jazz blues of timeless stature. If you haven’t already got this track, it is easily worth the admission on this CD alone. A track of devils, souls, tears and sorrows.
How do you follow that? Flick back 30 years to George McCrae’s ‘I Get Lifted’ for some funk that sounds so fresh it could have been made yesterday and continue the vibe with Ohmega Watts on ‘That Sound’.
It is rare to hear a compilation that shows such love and care these days, DJ Boris Horel and Mathieu Massadian have done something special here. And if that isn’t enough there is also Samira Attia’s ‘The Cousin Wanted to Marry’, a piece of video art that furthers the themes on the CD with its investigation into a woman’s hopes, fears and queries before marriage.

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