Nneka – Victim of Truth

Beautiful, smart and soulful as southern cornbread, Nneka could be the new Lauren Hill. Everything is right about this stunning debut: a great new voice, conscious lyrics and more hooks than a fishing tackle shop in the Hook of Holland

Born in Nigeria, twenty five years ago, Nneka moved to Germany where she has been singing professionally for the past few years. A few lucky breaks supporting visiting artists like Sean Paul have helped raise her profile but frankly the music does it all on its own.
I have been hitting repeat on her anthemic call to arms ‘Africans’ reflecting her frustration with the same old shit going down on the continent where we all come from. This ‘vessel of full content’ eschews the usual materialist agenda in favour of a more spiritual path on ‘Material Things’ to a pumping beat and funky organ. She hits out at critics who say she is too young to have such strong opinions. Personally, although I don’t buy the God stuff, it’s a refreshing change to hear someone with something positive to say, especially when it’s all so damn funky.
Ranging between pure hip hop and soulful ballads, Nneka never loses the deep soulful funk that is her husky trademark sound. Every track is a winner but will this LP get the exposure it needs? I can’t help thinking if she had come from New York, this would be a global bestseller. On the other hand, it could well be a slow selling word of mouth phenomena. Get in there early and enjoy this modern classic.
Nneka – Victim of Truth is released on Yo Mama’s Recording on 18 September ’06
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