Orchestre Baka Gbine – Gati Bongo

If you were lucky enough to catch these guys on tour with Baka Beyond, you will know that this is unrelentingly upbeat music bursting with sunshine, like powerful rays piercing the canopy of their native rainforest

The metaphor is perhaps particularly apt as the album was recorded under a tree on a solar-powered mobile recording studio.
This is not an album of wishy washy frog sounds and unaccompanied voices though, think fast-paced soukous energy levels powering guitars and a thundering beat combining traditional instruments and popular sounds. Despite being from Cameroon, the band freely admits their debt to Congolese music and the result is a recipe for good times.
If you go down to the rainforest today, be sure to expect a sprinkle of magic and a spring in your step.
Link: www.baka.co.uk

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