Shaggy Manatee – In Between

The Bay Area continues to throw up intelligent hip hop while much of the rest of the States continues its frantic materialistic bingeing, literally, to the end of the earth.

Deep, dark and strikingly original beats vie for attention with an array of left-field guests including Opt Rhyme, Non-Repro, Tenderizer, B-Child, Swan and Skillit.
‘Fighting For’ matches twisted and sinister industrial beats with swirling vocals courtesy of Swan. The vocals swirls continue on ‘Don’t Let Go of the Chaos’ but take a back seat to apocalyptic rap of Egg White and Nale. While ‘Benjamin’ casts B-Child’s quizzical eye over everyone’s favourite American to the backing of beats and strings.
Added to the 16 tracks on In Between are four bonus cuts for the CD including ‘Breathe’ with Macomantics. Think Jefferson Airplane meets Portishead. Out there! ‘Watching Me Drown’ matches shadowesque beats to blistering social critique courtesy of Katastrophe.
The spirit of rebellion is alive and well, even if it is confined to a corner of California.
Shaggy Manatee – In Between is out now on Quaketrap
01. Numbers Game
02. Good and the Bad
03. Unstoppable (feat. Opt Rhyme)
04. No More Trouble (feat. Non-Repro)
05. Born To Die (feat. Tendrizer)
06. Cartoons Worked for Me
07. Cypress Breath
08. Get It Straight (feat. B-Child)
09. Fighting For (feat. Swan)
10. Let Go of the Chaos (feat. Egg White and Nalej)
11. Tell Me I’m Wrong (feat. Opt Rhyme)
12. Benjamins (feat. B-Child)
13. Palm Trees 23
14. Happiness
15. Paul’s Day (feat. Paul Pena)
16. Remember Me (feat. Skillet)

2 thoughts on “Shaggy Manatee – In Between

  1. This album is dope, and not just cause I’m on it! Futuristic, but a very welcome change, original, in a genre of music that is incredibly stale!


  2. Opt Rhyme is right on target with this one. Shaggy drops some insane beats on this album.
    Additionally there are a lot of talented guest MCs making appearances like the He3 crew and Macromantics.
    Check it out.


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