Silverio Pessoa – Bate o Manca (O Povo dos Canaviais)

Forró (pronounced fo-hoe) is the sound of Pernambuco and its capital city Recife. It is a form that is close to the lives of ordinary Brazilians from the North East in its pure state and a resource to be plundered by the mixologists like DJ Dolores. Silvério Pessoa has stuck to the roots and captured the soul of the music on this release

Forró is a contraction of ‘Forrobodo’ (celebration) and the swirling accordion sounds and stomping beat has that get-off-your-feet-and-swirl-your-friends-and-family-around feel of all true folk music. In the hands of Pessoa, it combines with wonderful melodies, syncopation and great vocal parts chasing each other in and out of the songs.
Pessoa set about recording these songs a decade ago with his late mentor Jacinto Silva. It is clearly a project close to his heart and one in which he has invested a great deal of his own identity: “Forró identifies a people. It is the result of song and dance that were brought to Brazil by Europeans. We add our spices, our mixed bloods and our swing… It makes comments about daily life and the economic situation of the people. It involves celebration, faith and a lot of good feelings.”
Pessoa’s clever use of harmony and staccato vocal delivery combine to give the recording a very fresh and contemporary feel, simultaneously looking forwards to the future and back to the music’s roots. Highly recommended.
Bate o mancá (o povo dos canaviais) OB52061-450 is released on Outro Brasil

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