Netsayi – ‘The Refugee Song’

Charismatic and soulful London-based singer Netsayi gives us a foretaste of her album due out next year

‘The Refugee Song’ is a protest song but one which delivers its punches softly and soulfully. Accomplished musical backing delivers convincing jazz elements to complete the musical trilogy.
Netsayi’s background means that she has one foot in Zimbabwe and one in London. In person, one gets the feeling that this duality is not a source of conflict but strength for her. ‘The Refugee Song’, though, reflects the torn feelings and challenges of being far from home and not being welcome anywhere as seen through the eyes of someone displaced by war and conflict. It is sung mainly in English with some Shona. It is at one and the same time both stark and gentle.
Netsayi’s intelligent and soulful music has landed her a couple of Radio One sessions and nods from Ras Kwame, Gilles Peterson and Trevor Nelson. Her star is on the ascendant but this distinct voice will find its own way.
‘The Refugee Song’ is out 14 November on her own Militant Prince label.

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