François Couture – Qallunak

Drawing inspiration from Inuit throat singing and traditional music, Canadian François Couture has produced an album of ethnographic ambient

These gentle and affecting voices lift the album from the dull, barren wasteland that is ambient. François Couture provides subtle studio-produced music to carry the sounds of Inuit people along.
The result on the whole is a little less than compelling, somewhere between pleasing and interesting perhaps. It has its moments though and some tracks even display a sense of passion and urgency such as ‘Qikturriak / Counting’.
Not entirely my cup of tea but make your own mind up at

One thought on “François Couture – Qallunak

  1. dear sir,
    I would love to submit our new CD “Real People” to be reviewed by you. Could you provide me with the address I can send it to?
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Herbert de Jonge


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