V/A – Sound of the World (Compiled by Charlie Gillett)

If you wanted to make a CD of the last year of tunes for Fly from a global perspective, you would struggle to do better than this outstanding compilation. A vast amount of music goes to Charlie, gets listened to and filtered for his shows and then filtered again for his compilations. This really is the best of the last year and a good few pointers for the next one too

Boasting no fewer than 33 artists from 28 countries, these are not just the tunes that had that spark necessary for Charlie to play them, they are the ones that he could come back to and still love months later. Add to the mix, Charlie’s excellent notes and the support of one of our finest record labels (Wrasse Records) and you have a killer package.
Sound of the World succeeds the annual compilations previously called World 2003, 2004 etc. It’s a subtle shift away from ‘world music’, with all its slightly patronising associations, to a ‘world of music’ or what we call at Fly, ‘global music culture’. Not that Charlie (or Wrasse) could ever have been accused of purism or a futile search for authenticity, instead we have a celebration of music of all flavours and styles, some of which are played by musicians who have never been to the countries in which a style originated.
The effect is indisputably uplifting. We get no fewer than 33 gripping arguments for faith in humanity. Picking favourites is like choosing from a fine box of Belgian chocolates: the last one you eat is your favourite at least until the next pops in to your mouth. Suffice to say that the range is broad geographically and stylistically. It also draws equally from household names like Ali Farka Touré and Youssou N’Dour, from cognoscenti favourites like Mariza and Yasmin Levy and includes new names to watch out for like Laye Sowe, Daby Balde and Dead Combo. All of the tunes have that essential hook that gets you sooner or later. There is no need for positive discrimination on this selection, every track is there on merit alone.
This is for my money the best yet in this series and you would need a truly awesome record collection not to find dozens of new and interesting directions opened up to you from this selection. Thrilling.
CD1: 1. Daby Balde — Sora
CD1: 2. Sissy Atanassova — Chaje Shukarije
CD1: 3. Ivan Kupala — Geo
CD1: 4. Amadou & Mariam — Coulibaly
CD1: 5. Camille — Au Port
CD1: 6. Mei Tei Sho — Lambi Golo Part 1
CD1: 7. Lhasa — La Frontera
CD1: 8. Chango Spasiuk — Tarefero de Mis Pagos
CD1: 9. Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar Ista — Slika
CD1: 10. Oliver Mtukudzi — Vanereva Nepasipo
CD1: 11. The Chehade Brothers — Niyal Albou
CD1: 12. Volga — Verejushki
CD1: 13. Nairobi Yetu — Nijenge
CD1: 14. State of Bengal vs Paban Das Baul — Padma Nodi
CD1: 15. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
CD1: 16. DJ Fitchie & Joe Dukie — Midnight Marauders
CD2: 1. Issa Bagayogo — Dya Bana
CD2: 2. Shiyani Ngcobo — uDadewetha
CD2: 3. Seu Jorge Mania de Peitao
CD2: 4. Shukar Collective — Calling Tamango
CD2: 5. Yasmin Levy — Naci en Alamo
CD2: 6. Okna Tsahan Zam — Edjin Duun
CD2: 7. Laye Sow — Boonoo
CD2: 8. Mariza — Transparente
CD2: 9. Julia Vorontsova — Older
CD2: 10. Youssou N’Dour — Tijaniyya
CD2: 11. Ana Salazar — El Accordeonista
CD2: 12. Malouma — Tuyur El Wad
CD2: 13. Dead Combo — Rumbero
CD2: 14. Julien Jacob feat. Rachid Taha — Jacob
CD2: 15. Clotaire K — Beyrouth Ecoeuree
CD2: 16. Tokyo-chutei-iki — Otome Sankanbi
CD2: 17. Think of One — Moana
V/A — Sound of the World (Compiled by Charlie Gillett) is available on Wrasse Records from October 18, 2005

3 thoughts on “V/A – Sound of the World (Compiled by Charlie Gillett)

  1. Dear Charlie
    I’ve just heard your latest “Sound of the World” – wonderfull!! – in swedish radio.
    Can I buy the album from you, please?


  2. I was really disapponted with this album. The previous two compilations had a good mix of up-beat tracks to accompany those of a more leisurely inclination, this latest offering, however, errs too close to the soporific end of the spectrum.
    It’s got little to shake your booty to, and that’s a shame, as I was hoping for more outstanding songs to accompany those on World 2003 and World 2004, and to jump about to.
    Less cocoa, Charlie, more coffee!


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