Introducing Daby Balde – Competition Closed

We have given away three copies of this elegantly seductive introduction to the work of Daby Balde (a rising star in Dakar, a soon-to-be star everywhere else).

When Charlie Gillett kicks off his best of the year series Sound of the World with Daby’s track ‘Sora’ and then goes on to personally thank Daby’s tireless agent in the UK for introducing him to this man’s work, you know something is afoot.
Daby has a startling voice comparable to any in his outrageously talented homeland of Senegal and on this album he uses its bite and power to propel songs that are otherwise rather understated and gentle. It’s an arresting combination, the voice grabs you by the head while the delicate guitar and violins (yes, they do work remarkably well) relax your muscles and leave you rooted to the spot.
Daby’s story has a familiar twist, perhaps even the basis of a modern day fairytale. Born to a noble family, his family shunned his musical interests and Daby subsequently left his homeland in southern Senegal to work in Guinea and Gambia. With a little help along the way, he got a guitar and returned to Dakar to build his career and it is finally taking off.
“To judge from his debut album, Introducing Daby Balde, it sounds as if Daby Balde may well emerge as a major figure to stand alongside the internationally established Senegalese singers, Youssou N’Dour and Baaba Maal… wonderfully assured, full of subtle details.” Charlie Gillett, BBC Radio London
You will love this album
Barcode: 605633510423
Release date: 26 September 2005

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