Totonho e os Cabra – Sabotador de Satélite

From the unimpeachably perfect label Trama comes another gem after the excellent Rappin’ Hood release. In fact, if you fused the catholic hip hop stylings of Rappin’ Hood with the extra-terrestrial concerns of Sun Ra, this is what you would get

Musically, this is like tropicalismo in its rifling of sounds old and new; silky melodies and punky attitudes dance out their twisted love affair to a backdrop of constantly changing sounds, hip hop and funk.
Lyrically, this is what the Trama has to say of these songs displaying, “Totonho’s vision of the mess human beings would make if we colonized the rest of the galaxy, given the state of our home planet. To talk of poverty, corruption and misery on Earth has become banal. Totonho decided to angle his social criticism at the solar system. Blade-Runner style stories criss-cross the tracks — traffic jams on Pluto, the lack of basic sanitation on the moon, a heartbroken second-hand spaceship salesman.” Indeed.
Born in 1964, Totonho has a long track record as musician, social activist and broadcaster. Drawing on all these strengths, he has gathered anyone he needed and anything he could not make himself to cut a wickedly perverse and catchy record.
As a vocalist he is at times jokey and at others immensely melodic. And unlike most people in their forties, he can rap with the best of them. It might be leftfield, but this is music grounded in a gritty sense of reality. Another essential release from the Brazilian label of the moment.
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