Every Urban Thing – Being Urban in the UK

New website Every Urban Thing has set out to be a one-stop shop for all things UK and urban. We asked main man AK to give us his top picks of the moment.

UK Hip Hop
Why is it that the UK has not had any global Hip Hop successes? Is it because there is a lack of talent? Is it because people are scared to take on the Americans? Is it because people are not uniting? There are many questions that are raised and unless you are into the scene, a lot of those questions will remain a mystery.
Why is that Jay-Z can sell millions in the UK where as a UK rapper can’t sell even half of that in the US There are UK rappers or MC’s that are just as talented lyrically. We just need to get behind and support our people, like the Americans do.
In the UK, we have people like Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Lethal B, Skinnyman and Klashnekoff although some of this music is not classified as strictly ‘Hip Hop’ but as a Garage influenced sound, labelled ‘Grime’. There should be no need for genres because they all represent lyrical genius.
These different names for music don’t mean much, both American artists and British artists tell stories or rhyme about things that they have been through or their way of life (although there is much fabrication in many cases!).
A lot of people have grown up listening to or watching music from big name U.S artists such as 2Pac. Without doubt these artists are amazing talents and in my personal opinion irreplaceable, there is a wealth of talent in the UK that should be celebrated. So next time you are thinking of adding to your CD collection, why not think about UK Urban sounds and be open minded — I think you will be pleasantly impressed!
Ones to watch:
Baby Blue
Lethal B
Urban Fashion
There are so many places to get great quality garments without being ripped off these days and the net has allowed buying to become much easier and the choice much wider. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt that you saw on UK star Dizzee Rascal or a dress that you saw on the beautiful Beyonce, the great selection of stores online give you the chance to make that dream buy! If you are looking for Hip Hop clothing, be it UK or US designed, we recommend that you check for shops like DarknCold, HipHopWardrobe, Thinking Forward & the many others around.
For a full selection check out the Every Urban Thing Fashion section and find your Versace or Phat Farm. If you are going to buy a trolley load then it sometimes makes sense to go direct to America and hit places like DrJays , Herban Stylz and Urban Where. Again, there are so many good places that it’s definitely worth shopping around. All the stores that we list are good quality and have many satisfied customers.
Some places worth checking:
Brown Bag Clothing
Hip Hop Wardrobe
Thinking Forward
In this day and age, as well as your albums and singles there is a huge interest and demand for mixtapes. Mixtapes basically showcase new music, unreleased music and it is the breeding ground for new artists. Contrary to the name most tapes are actually CDs! Very common in America the latest tapes containing ‘disses’ disappear out of stores and streets moments after they are stocked.
What you have to watch out for is the bootlegging issue. Make sure that you buy them from places where you get a good selection and honest service. We recommend MixtapesUK & EverythingHipHop from the UK and Mixunit from America. With mixtapes you get tons of exclusive joints for like a fiver! These days even more popular places like HMV and Virgin stock some underground stuff too, and as well as supporting your local vinyl shop you may wish you check out the places that we list too. In terms of buying music CD the internet can save you plenty of cash, so at least have a look around, you can pick up albums for like 7 quid!
Some places to check:
EveryUrbanThing.com is the UK’s first Hip Hop & Urban lifestyle directory. Offering users the latest news, reviews and information on all aspects of Urban music and lifestyle. EveryUrbanThing offers people the opportunity to find ‘Urban’ goods and services through individually selected stores and websites. Offering promotion to those involved in the Urbamarketplace. This is a website that should not be missed by people that enjoy Urban music from Hip Hop to Reggae. Encouraging interaction and involvement from users and related businesses this powerful information resource has so much — a breath of fresh air!

One thought on “Every Urban Thing – Being Urban in the UK

  1. I am an aspiring singer from Norbury in South London and i am 18 i have been pursuing a music career since the tender age of 13, i used to be in a 5 piece group called Emerge but in the end their desire wasn’t as strong as mine that is why i am here


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