elbicho – elbicho

This eponymous delight is street flamenco meets jazz, rock and whatever else comes to hand. As the website jokes, elbicho are two madrileños, five alicantinos and no Andalusians.

Formed a mere two years ago with a passion for musical exploration but grounded in a love for the musical patterns of flamenco, elbicho have already notched up great word of mouth, helped in no small part by a couple of hundred gigs since their inception.
The band is a large loose-limbed collective of musicians and capable of a wonderful texturing of styles. Jazzy flute, African rhythms, kick-arse rock influences but always there beats a heart of flamenco. If you are familiar with Chano Dominguez, this is like listening to his unruly offspring rewriting the meaning of flamenco from a youth perspective — far from the hallowed bastions of ‘pure’ flamenco.
It is inevitable that they will be compared with Ojos de Brujo (at least outside of Spain) but despite the similarities in terms of influences, elbicho’s sound is more recognisably flamenco and ultimately very Spanish indeed compared to the more international flavours of Ojos de Brujo.
The new edition of their debut comes with a full-length DVD.
Definitely a band to watch out for in the next couple of years and, for anyone exploring the outer fringes of Spanish music, an essential stop.
Check the elbicho website for music and video clips
(Also in Spanish) on their label East West (Atlantic)’s elbicho profile there are more clips and stuff

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