Photo Gallery – WOMEX 2004

During the day, artists, promoters, record labels and Fly’s Editor mingle and do business in a giant art-deco colliery in the heartland of industrial Germany but at night, the doors are flung open to the public for around 50 gigs. Here are pics of some of the best…

womex: didierwadi

–Senegalese rap group Didier Awadi stole Daara J’s crown from under their noses, especially effective was their incorporation of the Kora–
womex: kekele

–KÈkÈlÈ’s polished brand of Congolese music was never going to fail to go down well with this crowd–
womex: macaco

–Spanish hip hop band Macaco rocked the house–
womex: motion trio

–Three Polish accordion players. Bloody good and pretty funky in fact–
womex: renata rosa

–Renata Rosa’s fresh take on traditional Brazillian music went down very well–
womex: soapkills

–Soapkills from Lebanon/France failed to translate as a live band that night–
womex: think of one

–Despite some great moments, Think of One suffered from a bad sound system so this wasn’t one of their finest gigs–
womex: seu jorge

–When he is good, no one is better but there were some flat patches. Nonetheless, Seu Jorge is one to watch for 2005–

–Like a cross between Fela Kuti and Tina Turner, Wunmi has energy and guts aplenty and a uniquely British, female perspective on Afrobeat–
See these pics and more as a slide show at larger sizes

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