Favela Chic – Postonove 3

Favela Chic is a dangerous cult based in Paris, France. They promote musical miscegenation, drug use and wanton sexual license. Fortunately, they also have missions here in London, England and this CD can bend your brain in remote locations if you can’t attend brainwashing camps in either of the chief locations.

Postonove 3 is the adorable lovechild of the first two compilations that were less devoted to time travel. In 3, you get original samba rubbing shoulders with contemporary hip hop tunes and a host of old songs that sound fresh and new songs with a retro feel. In the end it feels pointless trying to work out which is old, retro, new, futuristic or whatever and you surrender to the common themes of funk and eclecticism.
And while there is nothing wrong with compilations that re-release classic Brazilian grooves or those that concentrate on a more modern genre, Postonove 3 represents a DJ-led triumph in its sophisticated mix and match policy. The result is something contemporary and as appealing to non-Brazilians as it is credible to fun-seeking Cariocas, Paulistas and the rest.
There are so many good songs on this compilation but a few to look out for include the opening track by Seu Jorge, Tive Razão (it already sounds like a classic and it is only a year old). The dark but funky violin of Cabruêra on Forró Esferográfico or the sheer joy of Evinha’s Olha Eu Aqui Oh! Oh! Oh! complete with cheesy synth twiddles.
The packaging and design is a joy to behold on this release too as I am sure the food is at the restuarant, can these guys do anything wrong?
So if you are a classic Brazilian groovester, this will make you look at new artists and music and if you are a new tunes only kind of person, this will have you diggin’ in the crates. Qué legal!
Tive Razão – Seu Jorge
Olhos Coloridos – Sandra De Sá
Babaneira – Emilio Santiago
Spinning Wheel – Raulzinho Impacto 8
Jesus Cristo – Erlon Chaves E Sua Banda Veneno
Mexerico Da Candinha – Wilson Simonal
Não Vou Chorar – Os Diagonais
Samba Vocalizado – Luciano Perrone
Saco De Feijão – Beth Carvalho
A Procura Da Batida Perfeita – Marcelo D2
Sou Negrão – Rappin Hood
A Danca Da Moda – Dj Dolores
Forró Esferográfico – Cabruera
BoTECOeletro Visits As Baianas Mensageiras De Santa Luzia – BoTECOeletro
Beatboxsamba – Fernandinho Beat Box
Hip Hop Não Para – Ginger Ale vs Z’Africa Brasil
São João Vila Rosali – DJ Dennis
Vamnos Farrear – Pinduca
Sunny – Eli Goulart E Banda Do Mato
Olha Eu Aqui Oh Oh Oh – Evinha
Minhas Razoes – Antonio Carlos
Link: Favela Chic website

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