Josh One – Narrow Path

Set to blow up big time, Josh One has followed his successful release ‘Contemplation’ and the ‘Grey Skies’ EP with a blunted hip hop album that reminds you of Krush and Shadow but has its own new sound.

The opening track Risin’ sounds like a classic even on first listening and sets the tone for Josh One’s debut album. Expect an LP chock full of lazy beats, r ‘n’ b divas and guest rappers like MC Aloe Blacc and Mikah 9 from this Orange County-based producer and artist.
OK, so you might be thinking that you have heard all this before. Fair enough but there is a freshness and skill level here that sets Josh apart from the pack. Perhaps, part of his secret is the use of a live band, giving his work a fluidity and funkiness that creates flow and maybe his choice of collaborators has helped. Some of the tracks have a heavy jazz feel like Grey Skies, others a more beats and samples vibe. Either way, it all works.
Fans of this hitherto mysterious musician will appreciate the DVD-Audio DualDisc format but this reviewer has only heard the album. Narrow Path is to be released on MYUTOPIA Recordings.

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