V/A – The Rough Guide to the Music of Argentina

This release is on a mission to expand understanding of the genre of tango while simultaneously asserting that there is a lot more to Argentinian music than just tango.

Kicking off with the gravelly and overwhelmingly sensual voice of Adriana Varela, ‘Tango de Ayer’ is one of those tracks that dislocated the listener, in this case to some seedy late night venue in Buenos Aires some time before the second world war. Smoke swirls through the crowd, deals are done in the shadows and dancers lose themselves in the sexy moves of tango. Wondefully evocative stuff.
Skipping through the tracks but back in time, there is a chance to hear Carlos Gardel star of the first wave of tango and the splendid ‘Tortazos’.
Another great tango, but this time with a twist comes from Hugo Díaz. ‘Volver’ features an elegant, and at times stomped, tango with a beautiful theme floating in and out but the lead instrument sets it out. Díaz gets a level of expression out of the humble harmonica that one might associate more with a saxophone.
But it isn’t all tango of course, there are plenty of folk influences too. Beatriz Pichi Malen sings a pretty Mapuche love song. Percussionist Domingo Cura plays his trademark Bomba and many of the artists including Astor Piazzola add touches of jazz and classical to their tunes too.
RGNET1119CD Barcode: 605633111927
Featuring: Adriana Varela, La Chicana, Lorena Astudillo, Hugo Diaz, Caceres, Osvaldo Piro, Roberto Grela, Walter Rios Orquesta, Barbara Luna, Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla Y Su Quinteto Tango Nuevo, Anibal Troilo, Cuarteto Almagro, Jaime Torres, Beatriz Pichi Malen, Domingo Cura, Antonio Agri & Ricardo Dominguez, Alberto Rojo and Chango Spasiuk

One thought on “V/A – The Rough Guide to the Music of Argentina

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