V/A – The Rough Guide to Brazilian Electronica

Subtitled ‘evolution & revolution: the future sounds of Brazil’, is it in fact the future sound of London?

While the bleeding edge of Sao Paulo has no doubt moved on in the few years since many of these tunes hit the streets in Brasil, this is a great collection of tracks which, while being recognisably Brasilian, are primarily dancefloor fillers for the modern world.
Brasilians have rarely been as prone to nostalgia for their great music epochs as people have been outside Brasil. To hear the famous ‘Tom’ Jobim lyrics to ‘Samba de Uma Nota So’ coming in a contemporary record from Claudia Telles is a strange experience. How did it do in Brasil? I would love to know.
Having said all that, Brasil went mad for its own retro classic Cidade De Deus and its funky soundtrack so perhaps one of the side effects of having your own global diaspora as Brasil now does is that as well as having ears in London, New York and in all the world’s coolest clubs, your citizens like to inject a bit of home-based flavour into their musical projects as well as the latest found sounds.
Not that I am complaining as a long term fan of Samba, Bossa and MPB, this is electronica with a soul to my ears. Respect to the compilers for their hard work.
And for the thousands bored to death of four to the floor tracks in British clubs, this will be a revelation, if not an escape route. Assuming they can be persuaded to pick up a copy before giving up the ghost and succumbing to the latest incarnation of rock revivalism.
Artists include: Suba, DJ Dolores, Bossacucanova, Fernanda Porto, Ramiro Musotto, Rebeca Matta, O Discurso, Tejo Instituto, Zero DB, Loop B, Luiz Macedo, Super ¡gua, Macumbalada, Funk Como L’ Gusta, Rica Amabis, Cila Do Coco and more
RGNET1123 Barcode: 605633112320
Release date: 22 SEPTEMBER 2003
Web: World Music Network

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